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About Graphite

Graphite Overview

Good Thermal and Electrical Conductivity, Natural Lubricant, Melting Point: 3550° Centigrade

"Mineral of the Future"

Rapid rise in Electrical – Hybrid Vehicles (EVs), Mass Energy Storage Grid

Lithium Ion Batteries

Li Batteries are extensively used in EVs and consumer electronics like Mobile Phones, Tablets, Laptops etc.


Bulk Energy Storage

Large Scale Battery Storage are being used by many Renewable Power Plants, Power Grid

Expandable Graphite

Expandable Graphite is one of the fastest growing market material, used for making Fire Retardants, gaskets & Foils etc.


Also Known as wonder material set to bring the next Industrial Revolution

Era Advantage

One Of The Largest Mineral Resource

Best of Flakes

Best For Expandable Graphite

Advanced Processing Facility

Best For Lithium Ion Battery